Into the Wild

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Into the wild

Gunther has checked a number of "typical Canadian" activities off his bucket list since he first arrived in Canada four years ago. This past year that has included snowshowing, skating walking along the Rideau Canal, tasting maple syrup and real Canadian Whiskey, and visiting lots of beautiful cities,  historical sites and points of interest

We wanted to cap off 2013 with an interesting and unique activity to add to his list of Canadian experiences, and what better way than with a dogsledding adventure! 

We drove up to Windrift Kennel in Orillia for our morning tour. After a quick run down of how to man the sled, we were introduced to a selection of the over 200 dogs at the kennel. The dogs came from a variety of sources - many with heart-wrenching rescue stories - but they all have one thing in common: they love to run. 

Our eclectic dog team of four led the way first through an open field, then along narrow forest trails, as Gunther and I took turns being the driver and the passenger/photo taker (which was tougher than it sounds - it was one bumpy trail). I'm not sure how much actual skill was involved in what we were doing, but we made a great team and as far as we're concerned, we were naturals. 

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