About Us

Bisous des Caribous is the travelogue of a Frenchman and a Canadian.

Bisous des Caribous est le carnet de voyage d'un Français et d'une Canadienne.

After affectionately being called the "caribous" by a French relative because we took up residence in Canada, we began signing off on all our correspondences with Bisous des Caribous- and it stuck.

Allow me to introduce us...

I'm Alix, a storyteller with a love for all things French.

He's Gunther, and yes, he's French.

We met in France while I was there teaching English. When my attempts to get my visa extended proved futile, I packed him up in my suitcase and took him back home with me to Canada. We've lived in a few different places together and filled out more than a few immigration forms.

After living in southern Ontario for a few years, we recently came back to British Columbia last fall after a crazy move and an epic road trip.

We both work hard at our jobs during the week, but try to satiate our appetite for travel and make the most of our weekends and holidays by exploring locally in Canada and beyond.

You can also follow our adventures on Instagram: Gunther Alix

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