Ontario's Scenic Caves

Ever since we saw the Ontario Tourism ad on tv that highlights various sites across the province, we made it our goal to visit as many of the featured destinations as possible. So when we decided to spend the long weekend in the Blue Mountain and Georgian Bay area, we knew we needed to dedicate an afternoon to Collingwood's Scenic Caves.

Most of the trail is in the shade and once you get down into the cave area, the temperature drops dramatically, making this the perfect activity for a hot Ontario day. It's a fairly gentle hike and if you aren't fond of small, narrow spaces, such as the "Fatmans Misery" passage (which is 36cm at its narrowest point!), there are alternate routes. The interesting rock formations, spectacular lookout points and local first nations history all make for a worthwhile visit.

P.S. What do you see in the rocks in the last photo?

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