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A few weeks ago, we spent a weekend in Canada's southernmost city- Windsor, Ontario. If you are familiar with Windsor, you may be asking yourself, now why would anyone want to spend a weekend in Windsor? Truth be told, we were there during the week for work and since neither of us had been to the "City of Roses" before, we decided to stick around for the weekend and see what it had to offer. 

Now, we wouldn't list Windsor as a "must see destination," but if you happen to be driving through en route to a more appealing locale and have a couple of hours to kill, then we do recommend making a pit stop at the Canadian Club Brand Centre for a tour. 

Ranked as one of Windsor's top activities on Trip Advisor, the Canadian Club tour takes you through the local history and provides insight into the life of Hiram Walker and rum running (with Al Capone!) during the US prohibition era.

Neither of us are whiskey drinkers, but we are both somewhat history dorks and love learning random facts like the origins of "the real McCoy" and the word "cocktail"- both very interesting, but you'll have to take the tour yourself or ask us to find out about those ;).

The tour capped off with a tasting of two of their products, which, judging by our facial expressions after the first sip, confirmed to us (and the tour guide) that we are not whiskey drinkers. 

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