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An Okanagan Winter Wonderland

Winter took hold of the Okanagan this year and is having a tough time letting go. We've had more snow storms and freezing temperatures than usual and any sign of spring seems to just keep getting pushed further and further away. 
While we can't wait to shed our winter layers and retire the windshield scraper for the year, there's something to be said about the beauty of the season.
These photos are from a gorgeous snowy walk we did some time ago along the Mission Creek Greenway in Kelowna. It's a beautiful pathway any time of year, but felt particularly magical with a fresh layer of fluffy, white snow. And since it was a rather cold day, we had the trail to ourselves. 
Even though we've started the countdown to spring, we've vowed to embrace these remaining 41 days of winter and get in as many hot chocolates and snowshoe days as we can.

What do you love most about winter? Do you want to see more winter photos from British Columbia?

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