French 5 | 06.18.21 (ft. Lindsey of @lostncheeseland)

Welcome to the 16th edition of French 5, where I share a glimpse of France through language, places, food and drink, arts and culture, as well as a random fun fact. 

In this week’s edition, I’m honoured to introduce journalist and author Lindsey Tramuta. I’ve admired Lindsey’s work for many years and encourage Francophones and Francophiles alike to check out her two books about Paris, podcast, Instagram and Twitter for insight into Paris and French culture. Also make sure you watch for her incredibly well-written articles published on her website and in various international publications. 

A big thank you to Lindsey for participating in this interview and for sharing her beautiful photos. If you have any feedback or ideas of what you’d like to see or who should be featured, please leave your comment below.

Featuring || Lindsey of @lostincheeseland, author of The New Parisienne

I'm a journalist and author in Paris, where I've lived for the last 15 years. What began as a love for French literature and language blossomed into a love for the French way of life, affection for debate, and a country that is diverse both in population and geography. 

01 Language || Au bout de sa vie

What is your favourite French word or expression and why?

“Au bout de sa vie" -- which literally means that someone is at the end of their life but really means someone can't take any more of something. There's no good equivalent in English and I love how dramatic it sounds when it's said in French! 

02 Place || Palais Royal

What is your favourite place and why?

Palais Royal, my forever answer to this question because it makes me instantly relaxed, happy, and connected to the city. 

03 Food & Drink || Gougères

What is your favourite French food OR drink and why?

Gougères because they are made with my favourite things: puffed dough and cheese! 

04 Arts & Culture || Portrait of a Lady on Fire

What is one French thing people must see or do, or know about?

"Portrait of a Lady on Fire", the award-winning French historical drama directed by Céline Sciamma and featuring the supremely talented Adèle Haenel. For those who love film and want to champion a female-driven masterpiece, this is among the contemporary greats. 

05 Fun Fact || Natural marvels

What is one fact that may surprise people about France? 

To what extent the country offers a variety of natural marvels: from sand dunes and seaside to mountains and impressive forestland. That's on top of the urban cultural centers. Given the multitude of experiences you can have in such a relatively small country, there's little reason to even travel elsewhere! 

Follow Friday || Jennifer Padjemi of @jennfierpadjemi

Who is another French or Francophile creator that inspires you? And why should people give them a follow?

Jennifer Padjemi, a fellow journalist and author pal who writes and comments extensively (and astutely!) on feminism and pop culture. She's one of our sharpest voices! 

Instagram | Twitter


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