Goats Galore

At Carmelis Goat Farm
Baby Goat
Baby and Mother
Sleeping baby goats
Goat Milk Frozen Yogurt
View of Downtown Kelowna
View of West Kelowna

If there's one thing we can't get enough of, it's cheese. And not picking any favourites (because let's face it, we love cheese and are probably eating some right now), but goat cheese definitely nears the top of our list. 

When we found out there was a local goat cheese producer nearby, we hopped in the car with empty stomachs and tastebuds at the ready.

At Carmelis Goat Farm, we were welcomed by goats of all colours and sizes and a few resident groundhogs. Peeking into the barn, we quickly forgot about the accompanying odour as we witnessed two newborn goats attempting to coordinate their four legs enough to stand for the first time. Cutest. Thing. Ever. 

After admiring the tribe of goats and their kids for some time, we headed into the little shop onsite. The goat's milk gelato came highly recommended by several locals and we were not disappointed by the wild berry flavour we chose to share. 

After perusing the case of cheeses, one of the beautiful soft-ripened ones caught our eye. It's name was Heavenly and the description said it was most popular amongst French visitors. It seemed like a match made in, well, heaven. Unfortunately, after we brought it home and tasted it, neither of us liked it (which was weird because like everything). 

Although the cheese wasn't our favourite, we would definitely go back to Carmelis for the spectacular view of the city and of course the goats, because they're just plain awesome. 


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