Life in the Okanagan

We used to save things like doing our taxes and organizing our photos for rainy days. But since we moved to the Okanagan last fall, we've barely had any overcast days, let alone rainy ones. 

From Vancouver, where we got our fair share of liquid sunshine, to Ontario, where we dealt with long and cold winters, we think Okanagan's dry and temperate climate is a dream. 

While work and life have kept us busy during the week, we haven't been able to resist spending most of our time outside on the weekends because the weather has been so nice. (Hence, the temporary absence from this site - sorry, guys!) 

The good news is, our weekend excursions have provided no shortage of photo opportunities. 

Here are a few of our favourite snaps from the past couple of months:

Kelowna Boardwalk
Mission Hill Vines
Okanagan Orchard
Okanagan Sunset
Bear Creek Provincial Park
Evening in Kelowna

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