Three European Christmas series to binge watch on Netflix this season

Christmas is a time to get cozy and binge watch all the cheesy seasonal shows on Netflix. While we love all the holiday classics and most of the new sappy ones with the predictable endings, we do crave a plot and a setting that diverge from the standard Hollywood fare. Internationally produced Christmas shows on the streaming service are few and far between, but the ones we’ve seen have inspired our wanderlust.

If you’re longing for Christmastime in Europe like we are or just looking for something different to watch this season, check out our top picks for European Christmas series on Netflix. 

Over Christmas || Germany

Set in Germany, this three-episode mini series follows a down-and-out musician as he returns home for Christmas in search of some holiday cheer. Upon his return he is faced with some less than cheerful surprises. The majority of this show is set in the small town of Monschau in the Eifel region of Germany. This idyllic storybook town near the Belgian border is the perfect setting for a Christmas show. Even when we visited this town in the summer months, we found Christmas decorations (as seen in the photo above!). 

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Home for Christmas || Norway

Home for Christmas is a quirky Norwegian romantic comedy series that’s light and easy to watch. Perpetually single Johanne is determined to bring a boyfriend home for Christmas dinner after lying to her family about being in a relationship. The 30-something year old nurse tries every 21st century means of finding a date. You’ll have to watch to see who she winds up bringing home for Christmas. The show is set in Oslo and the snow-covered town of Røros. This show made us want to glide through Scandinavia on a kicksled. Plus, season two has just been released on Netflix this month!

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Three Days of Christmas || Spain

While the other two shows on this list will still give you all the warm fuzzies of Christmas, this Spanish mini-series will do just the opposite. The story takes place in a remote part of Spain on Christmas day during three different time periods. A welcome break from the Hallmark specials, this show adds some Spanish flare to the season with a plot full of drama, family secrets and suspense. 

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Have you watched any of these Netflix series? What are your favourite holiday shows set in Europe?

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