Taking the Apex Skating Loop for a Spin

A skate trail is to a skating rink as avocado toast is to regular toast. The whole experience is elevated. Those may be the most millennial hipster words I’ve ever typed, but let me tell you - they ring true. 

We first learned there was a skating loop up at Apex Mountain just outside of Penticton, B.C. through none other than Instagram. We frantically packed our skates in the car and drove up to the mountain to try and beat the inevitable crowds these types of places attract once they become insta-famous. 

I’m happy to report this skate loop is still a hidden gem! 

The 1km pathway loops though the forest and is even lit until 11 p.m. for night skating. It was already gorgeous there during a bluebird day, so I can only imagine how magical it would be at night. We will have to go back and check it out after dark one day.

It was quiet, fun and we had the loop to ourselves for almost the entire time. The only thing that did catch us off guard was the fact the there are tiny inclines and gentle slopes. As a novice skater, who admittedly doesn’t know how to stop very well, there was a bit of a learning curve on how to navigate the descents. But once we got going, we could really pick up speed!

I highly recommend checking out this skate loop before too many people catch on to how fun it is. So lace up and get your instagram-worthy shots in now. Oh, and avocado toast is the perfect snack post-skate loop adventure. 

Apex Adventure Skate Loop Details
Where: Apex Mountain Resort, 1000 Stray Horse Rd, Hedley, BC 
When: Open everyday during the winter season and lit until 11 p.m. daily
How much: $4 for a pass (plus skate rentals available for an additional cost, if needed)
More details at apexresort.com

Do you know how to skate? Where are the best outdoor skating rinks or skate trails? 


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