Views from the High Line

Art on the High Line
View from the High Line
High Line view
Manhattan street
We had heard a lot about New York City's High Line prior to our first visit in 2010, as it had just opened to the public the year before. While it was our intent to visit the repurposed rail line that year, the weather was far from ideal and we didn't wind up making it to that area. 

During this year's visit, the High Line ranked high on our must see list. Unfortunately, it seemed to be up there on everyone else's list of things to do that weekend and we found ourselves walking an inch at a time, shoulder to shoulder with the masses like a scene from The Walking Dead. 

It's no wonder the elevated promenade is a popular spot - the views onto the city are like none other and you pass through several interesting neighbourhoods. Along the way, there is plenty of street art to admire and opportunities to snack on local food cart fare. And if you're lucky enough to snag a seat on a bench, it's a great place for people-watching. 

We've seen some photos online of the High Line with very few people, so I'm sure the locals all know the optimal time for strolling. But whether or not it's busy, the High Line is definitely a New York City highlight.  

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