Drenched in NYC

Taxis in Manhattan
NYC Blossoms
Fire Escape
NYC Park
The first time we visited NYC, it rained a lot. We had bought a 3-day pass for those open-air double decker tour buses and were determined to take full advantage of it. A few minutes after hopping on the hop-on hop-off bus, the rain had seeped through our yellow plastic bag ponchos and mascara was running down my face. It was a wonderful vacation, rain and all, but we were determined to see New York in a different light. Sunlight. 

We hit the jackpot of fair-weather weekends in April. From the Friday through to the Monday, it was ideal weather for exploring the charming Manhattan streets, parks, and caf├ęs on foot. 

Although New York is an exciting city to visit rain or shine, there is nothing quite like seeing NYC in full bloom and drenched in sunlight. 

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