Drenched in NYC

Taxis in Manhattan
NYC Blossoms
Fire Escape
NYC Park
The first time we visited NYC, it rained a lot. We had bought a 3-day pass for those open-air double decker tour buses and were determined to take full advantage of it. A few minutes after hopping on the hop-on hop-off bus, the rain had seeped through our yellow plastic bag ponchos and mascara was running down my face. It was a wonderful vacation, rain and all, but we were determined to see New York in a different light. Sunlight. 

We hit the jackpot of fair-weather weekends in April. From the Friday through to the Monday, it was ideal weather for exploring the charming Manhattan streets, parks, and cafés on foot. 

Although New York is an exciting city to visit rain or shine, there is nothing quite like seeing NYC in full bloom and drenched in sunlight. 


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