Dinan fortifications
Dinan Castle and ramparts

Before visiting a new place, we always try to do a bit of preliminary research so we know what we're getting into. When we first looked up Dinan, we did a Google image search and were immediately taken with the cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, and impressive fortifications.

We arrived early in the morning and walked into a little shop that was just opening up for the day. The store window display featured regional specialties, including painted bowls, striped shirts, and salted caramels, and the usual touristy knickknacks.

We went up to the young woman managing the store and asked her how to get to the city's ramparts- certainly a question she must get often, especially during the summer when tourists come flooding in.

She had no idea what we were talking about and firmly assured us that there were no ramparts in Dinan, and surely we must be thinking about nearby Saint-Malo.

As we walked away from the store and started to question the reliability of our somewhat dubious Google image search, we came across a small stairwell. We climbed up the stairs, a mere two streets away from our new favourite little shop, and sure enough, there were the fortifications we were looking for.

For future visitors to Dinan, this post serves as photographic proof that, regardless what the locals may tell you, this city does in fact have fortifications!

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