Cross Country Skiing in Cambridge

Cross country skiing at Shade's Mills Conservation Area in Cambridge, Ontario.

Although neither of us had ever strapped on a pair of skis before, we thought cross country skiing sounded like something fun to try and would be easier than jumping right in to downhill skiing. How difficult could it be to ski on a flat surface? As it turns out, not that difficult. It's when you come across a hill and don't know how to stop that's the hard part. The two-minute crash course we received when we picked up our rentals wasn't much help when we were making our way down the "gentle" winding slopes of the beginner trails. After a couple of falls that were anything but graceful, we got the hang of it (more or less) and picked up the pace. It was a great way to enjoy the landscape, while getting a pretty good work out. Next time we may just venture out to the intermediate trails!

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