French 5 | 10.08.21 (ft. Grace of @graykells)

Welcome to the 27th edition of French 5, where I share a glimpse of France through language, places, food and drink, arts and culture, as well as a random fun fact.

In this week’s edition, New Yorker-Parisenne Grace shares a few of her go-to hidden gems in Paris and a French expression that just rolls off the tongue.

A big thank you to Grace for participating in this interview and for sharing her photos. If you have any feedback or ideas of what you’d like to see or who should be featured, please leave your comment below.

Featuring || Grace of @graykells

Coucou I’m Grace, a New Yorker-Parisienne hybrid living in Paris for 6 years. I love to capture la vie quotidienne because I’m always finding beauty in simplicity.

01 Language || C’est l’arroseur arrosé

I love the expression “c’est l’arroseur arrosé.” The meaning is perhaps a bit dark, but I think it rolls of the tongue so elegantly. Directly translated it’s like the water-er has been watered, meaning “the tables have turned.”

02 Place || Le Jardin des Tuileries

A place I always find myself gravitating towards on my walks is Le Jardin des Tuileries. It’s great for people- watching– locals and tourists alike.

03 Food & Drink || Duck and Champagne

I love duck and champagne so luckily there is a restaurant, “Canard et Champagne,” which combines my love for both but also history and architecture because it’s located in the historic “Passage des Panoramas.” 

04 Arts & Culture || Institut national de l'audiovisuel

INA, the Institut national de l'audiovisuel is my favorite- they share interviews, historical commentary and clips from notorious shows with a focus on ordinary people, so you really get to see French culture transform over time.

05 Fun Fact || How Place des Vosges got its name

Place de Vosges gets its name because in 1793, when the first revolutionary government came into power, they wanted to pay tribute to the Vosges department because it was the first one to pay taxes to the young republic.

Follow Friday || @parisphrase

@parisphrase is an excellent account that shows expressions we use all the time in France. Anyone looking to learn the French that most textbooks don’t teach should head over to this account.


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