French 5 | 04.30.21 (ft. Esther of @esther_voyages)

Welcome to the 10th edition of French 5, where I share a glimpse of France through language, places, food and drink, arts and culture, as well as a random fun fact.

In this week’s edition, world traveller and Sorbonne student Esther shares what she loves about France.

A big thank you to Esther for contributing this week’s content and photos. If you have any feedback or ideas of what you’d like to see or who should be featured, please leave your comment below.

Featuring || Esther Palazzo

My name is Esther Palazzo and I am currently in the process of completing my master’s degree in Tourism Planning & Development at Sorbonne University. I have spent my early years traveling intensively across over more than 40 countries and even got to settle in the UK, the US & Argentina for a few years. I was living in Rouen, Normandy until very recently but I am now living in Paris where my university is. I have always enjoyed living abroad but it was also during those times away from home that I realized how rich in terms of landscapes, heritage and culture that France actually was and I truly enjoy  and cherish that diversity the country has to offer. 

01 Language || Dépaysement

« Dépaysement » ! That French word doesn’t have an English translation unfortunately but it is used to describe the feeling you get when you travel to a place that offers a completely different scenery from your hometown. It offers a feeling of total escape and of being immersed in a completely different place than what you’re used to. 

02 Places || Provence & the French Riviera

It might sound cliché but I would have to say Provence and the French Riviera. There’s a unique vibe that I can’t seem to find anywhere else. The warm days, the smells, the grasshopper’s sound, the landscapes, the turquoise blue of the Mediterranean sea, the spices, the food and the sun shining bright all year long. I just love it !

03 Food & Drink || Paris-Brest

It is so hard to pick just one but I have a sweet tooth and I would have to go with the traditional French dessert called "Paris-Brest'. It is made of a "choux" style pastry and praliné cream. Nothing beats praliné !

04 Arts & Culture || Fête de la Musique

Again, very hard to pick just one but I’d say that « Fête de la musique » or « Music day » in English. It is an annual celebration that takes place on June 21st during the summer solstice and has been celebrated every year for the past 40 years. It is an experience you don’t want to miss if you happen to be in France around that time of the year. Every year on that specific day, music is being played everywhere and concerts including A-list artists are being given for free in all of France’s major towns. People are allowed to either blast or listen to music without any restrictions during those 24-hours and it is always a blast. Unfortunately, last year’s celebrations were canceled due to Covid, but I bet next time we get to celebrate it, it will be even more of a blast than it has ever been before!

05 Fun Fact || La Dune du Pilat

La Dune du Pilat is the tallest sand dune in Europe! It is so big and in such contrast with the neighbouring landscapes made of pine trees and the Atlantic ocean that it may seem like being in the Sahara desert at times. A mind-blowing and unique place !

Follow Friday || Astronaut Thomas Pesquet

For follow Friday, I would pick one of the nation’s greatest hero and a true inspiration to my eyes, Astronaut Thomas Pesquet. Thomas has just recently taken off to the International Space Station for the second time in his career. Before becoming an astronaut he has worked as an airplane pilot and an engineer, he is fluent in multiple languages, plays the saxophone and is a great basketball player. If all that wasn’t enough, he is probably one of the humblest people on earth. A true inspiration!


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  1. So proud of my friend! <3 Way to go Esther!
    BTW... LOVE THE WORD "Dépaysement"

    1. You've got a pretty cool friend, Jes! And yes, I agree the word "dépaysement" is excellent!
      Alix |

  2. Also love her choice of word. We don't quite have a translation for that too and it's such an amazing feeling!

    1. Definitely an amazing feeling that I am craving more and more as this pandemic drags out! I can't wait to experience "dépaysement" again soon. I also wonder if there are other languages out there that have a similar word.



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