Why we're just as interested in Marble Canyon as the astronauts

Pavilion Lake Island
Pavilion Lake Stromatolites

Driving through Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon landscape
Emerald water at Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon Provincial Park

Summer at Marble Canyon
Marble Canyon

A private island, emerald water and coral. 

Not necessarily words you would associate with British Columbia or Canada for that matter. But halfway between Cache Creek and Lillooet in BC's Interior, you can find all of those things and more. 

Marble Canyon Provincial Park is made up of three gorgeous emerald green lakes (Crown Lake, Turquoise Lake and Pavilion Lake) and the surrounding canyon area. 

All of the lakes are stunning, but perhaps Pavilion Lake is the most special. 

Beneath the surface of the lake lies beautiful coral-like formations, some of which are up to three metres tall. According to the park's website, Pavilion Lake is one of the few places in the world where freshwater stromatolite, those coral-like formations, can be found. 

The lake and it's underwater formations not only hold special spiritual significance to the local First Nation's band, but they may also hold clues to the existence of life in space. And this isn't just crazy talk. The formations have been the subject of research by scientists and astronauts for many years. 

The clarity of the water makes the formations appear much closer to the surface than they are in reality (like in the second photo from the top). But with the lake reaching depths of up to 65m, getting up close to the fragile coral at the lake bottom requires skilled scuba diving experience. It is nonetheless a beautiful place for a casual swim or a kayak.  

And if the underwater formations aren't cool enough, right in the middle of it all is a small privately-owned island with a few rustic structures including a wood cabin. It looked vacant when we visited during the summer, but how neat would it be to own that little island on the lake? 


Would you like to live or vacation on a secluded island? What are some of the most interesting places you've come across in your travels? 

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