Driving Across Canada: Monday in Manitoba

Welcome to Manitoba
Canadian Human Rights Musem
Trans-Canada Manitoba
En route
Prairie Sunset
After leaving the snow behind in Northern Ontario, we started the first portion of our prairie drive. 

We entered a new time zone and slowly but surely the tall trees started to disappear and the rocky, hilly landscape flattened out. As we approached Winnipeg, the sun started to set. And if there's one thing the prairies do well, it's sunsets. 

A few weeks prior to our road trip, we were in Winnipeg for a family reunion and spent quite a bit of time exploring the city and the surrounding areas. One thing we missed out on during that trip was a visit to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights as it was not yet open to the public.  

The museum officially opened its doors at the end of September, so we decided to stay an extra day this time around to check it out. As luck would have it, that extra day wound up falling on a Monday- the only day of the week the museum is closed. I guess Manitoba will have to welcome us again one day. Third time's the charm, right?

The day after our Monday museum fail, we were back on the road towards Saskatchewan. 

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