Lions, and tigers, and bears... and pandas!

Sleeping lion
Tiger and Bear
Panda Bum

Pandas have long been a bit of an obsession of mine. For much of my childhood, I toted around a couple of stuffed pandas with me wherever I went. I read up on panda facts and watched The Amazing Panda Adventure more times than I could count.

Fast forward nearly two decades and my love for the furry black and white bears has not diminished. When I found out a pair of them were being transferred to the Toronto Zoo, I knew I wouldn't be able to pass up the opportunity to visit them.

On a beautiful fall day a few weeks ago, Gunther decided to take me to the zoo to see the pandas for my birthday.

Although zoos aren't our favourite place in the world—we tried to look past the animals that were pacing back in forth, those whose movements were uncomfortably repetitive, and that one penguin that was staring at the wall— we wound up having a very enjoyable (and panda-filled!) day.

Also, Gunther had been wanting to see a moose since he set foot in Canada, so he was able to cross that and a few other species native to North America off his list.

For more of our Toronto Zoo photos, check out my flickr set.

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